This serious looking chap is me, Mike Smith. I suppose I should explain the picture, since it’s pretty Marmite (love it or hate it etc). A few months back, I read online that every writer needs a black and white headshot. Apparently it gives one a sense of validity and convinces potential readers that you are indeed worth reading (‘oh, a black and white headshot, he/she must be a writer’).

I was trying to channel Hunter S. Thompson, Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski here, hence the rolled up sleeves and shades. However, looking back at it now, I’m not convinced. Then again, were the aforementioned modern literary greats as pleased with their head shots? In the case of all of them, we will never know.

So ‘About’..

March 2015:       I was in my second year of University, half way through my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. It was approaching dissertation discussion phase and I was stuck for ideas. Stuck, that is, until a seminar on Raymond Carver. I went into that seminar unaware of who he was. I left totally obsessed with his writing.

Fast forward three years and my passion for Carver’s short stories has grown to a passion for American short stories more generally. This has lead me to write a short story collection of my own, entitled Last Orders, which is currently in the endless editing phase. However, all my stories are set in Britain and explore modern British culture, locations and the varied population of our wonderful array of Islands.

With my short stories now approaching some form of ‘completion’ (as all writers know, nothing is truly ever finished), I realised that I needed an online platform from which to share them. However, to focus solely on myself would, I thought, be selfish. As such, I decided to create a blog that would not only share my own writing, but would also operate as a short story blog dedicated to showcasing the best of short stories set in Britain.

‘Looking For Britain’s’ focus is simple, it’s got to be set in Britain. After that, the rest is up to you. Any kind of genre is welcome, be it Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or even Fan Fiction. So please, do not hesitate to submit your work. I look forward to reading it.